Lang Restaurant

Homage from the origin of Vietnamese Cuisine

Lang (Village), in Vietnam, is a social community that has been a significant part in the lives of Vietnamese for ages, at the same time housing the soul of Vietnamese people. 

Vietnamese culinary culture originates from Vietnamese villages along three regions, North – Central – South.

Diners will be indulged in the light and mild taste in Northern dishes while being impressed by the spiciness and boldness in renowned dishes of Central region, and certainly never forget the sweetness and sourness of Southern cuisine.

Despite the uniqueness and specialty of each region revealing its own taste in signature dishes, the flavor of Lang undeniably touches every corner of traditional Vietnamese culinary culture. 

At Lang restaurant, unique cuisine of the three regions in the country is to be varied and sublimated to a different level of experience that brings you not just simple food but also the real art and imagination.

Refined and delicate from the selection of raw materials long with processed spices, through the hands and hearts of out talented Chef and associates, our dishes labeled with a subtle sense of tradition and modernity featuring the signature of Lang restaurant are just ready for you. 

Open: 11am / Close:  10:30pm

Reservation: 02439583080 (7am to 5pm)

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